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From 1890 to 1907, nearly all the short stories that appeared in the Evening News were published anonymously. During this period the stories were usually printed on the front page of the newspaper, often in a single column. As there were so many of these, I have decided to list them here separately, in chronological order. It may never be known whom the authors of these stories were. My guess is that many of these tales were written by staff writers on the Evening News, although I have no hard evidence to back up that theory. I also do not know exactly why all these stories went uncredited. However, it should be noted that it was a common journalistic practice in the nineteenth century for British newspapers and magazines to print both factual articles and short stories in anonymous form.

Due to the sheer volume of stories listed here, this webpage has been divided into various sections. Please use the quick links below if necessary. Please note there were no anonymous stories published in the newspaper in the following years: 1892, 1893, 1903, 1908-1914, 1917 and 1918. The last anonymous story to appear in the Evening News was in 1919.

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A "Penciller's" Story, October 13
The Pasha's Wife, November 1
A Serio-Comic Lady, November 6
Pardoned to Death - A Tragedy of the Prison, November 15

A Strange Theft - Literary Life in Bloomsbury Outskirts, January 5
An Arabian Love Story - The Englishman and His Rival, January 12
As from the Dead - A Tragedy of Love and Crime, January 19
"Declined with Thanks" - A Rich Reward for a Trivial but Kindly Service, February 23
A Newspaper Tale, May 11
Clarissa's Piano, August 15

A Dealer in the Dead; or, 1 for a Genuine King - a Fact, September 12
Wild Roses - A Tale of Pathos and Passion, September 13
Her Husband - The Tragedy of a Clown, September 14
Left in Charge, September 15
On the Eve of his Marriage, or the Lover's Awakening, September 17
An Unconscious Executioner; or, a Voice in the Darkness, September 18
My Poor Relation, September 19
Mrs. Dresden's Diplomacy, September 20
A Wild Ride - The Tale of a Diamond Robbery, September 21
The Grandmother-Wife, or the Major's Strange Marriage, September 22
The French Student: A Story of Love and Art, September 24
True Story of a Clever Scheme Told by a Smart Lawyer's Clerk, September 25
A Disreputable Ghost - The Story of an Uncommon Burglar, September 26
The True Story of the Baroness Burdett-Coutts' Benefactress, September 27
Phil Lumley's Secret, September 28
Thief to Catch Thief, September 29
How the Strong Room of the Bank of England was Once Entered, October 1
A Very Odd Experience - Told by a Commercial Traveller, October 2
A True and Pathetic Story of the Stage, October 3
Missing!, October 4
What Became of John Reynolds - The Narrative of a Missing Man, October 5
The Tale of a Sportsman's Wild Goose Chase - A Dreadful Night, October 6
Only a Billiard-Marker - The Narrative of a Strange Career, October 8
A Stowaway, October 9
A Train Wrecker and His Awful Fate in the Land of Lynchers, October 10
Henri de Latude, October 11
A Diving Bell Tale, October 12
The Midnight Express, October 13
A Father's Despairing Leap After His Lost Daughter, October 15
The Treacherous Tide - The Adventures of Two Clerks in a Queer Craft, October 16
The Power of Jealousy - A Love Story with a Moral, October 18
A Race for Life - A Cyclist Pursued by a Mysterious Figure, October 19
Who it Was That Miss Prim Harboured Unawares, October 20
Out Witted, October 22
Sentence of Death, October 23
The Vendetta, October 24
Doctor Aido's Pledge, October 25
A Detective Tale, October 26
Chasing an Ocean Steamer, October 27
The Black House, October 29
The Pointsman, October 30
Two Pictures, October 31
"A Sailor's Yarn," November 1
A Great Sacrifice, November 2
A Great Crime, November 3
The New Doctor, November 5
A Spiritualistic Pig, November 6
Two Old Cats, November 7
An Insidious Scamp, November 8
The Missing Jewellery, November 9
A Weird Funeral March, November 10
His Own Death Warrant, November 13
A Mere Chorus Singer, November 14
A Swim for Life, November 15
An Old Umbrella, November 16
My Fellow Passenger, November 17
A Great Forgery, November 19
The Old Love and the New, November 20
"True Men or Spies?," November 21
Her Rival, November 22
Some Lefroy Reminiscences, November 23
The Gamekeeper, November 24
A "Medical's" Mystery, November 26
Cupid's Messenger, November 27
The Pirate, November 28
A Marriage of Necessity, November 29
A Forest Fire, November 30
A Rajah of Sorts, December 1
Three Half-Crowns, December 3
A Model Lover, December 4
Two Alibis, December 5
A Railway Romance, December 6
Baulked, December 7
The Tale of a Thief, December 8
My Maniac, December 10
Private Perryman's Revenge, December 11
Twenty Years After, December 12
The Green-Eyed Monster, December 13
A Calico Frock, December 14
The Mauve Domino, December 15
My Infatuation, December 17
A Search for a Safe, December 18
Overheard, December 20
Dorothy's Device, December 21
Kitty's Stratagem, December 22
A Novel Honeymoon, December 24
His First Duel, December 27
Harold Maule's Vision, December 28
An Ill-Used Young Man, December 29
Her Law Suit, December 31

Carl's Christmas, January 1
My Amateur Theatricals, January 2
My Eccentric Ancestor, January 3
A Strange Warning, January 4
A Shorthand Student, January 5
My Dizzy Feat, January 7
The Village Postman, January 8
His One Great Sin, January 9
Without a Head, January 10
A Game of Cards, January 11
Guilty and Not Guilty, January 12
"Marked Private," January 14
The Coiners, January 15
Raiding a Fortune Teller, January 16
A Friend in Need, January 17
My Terrible Highwayman, January 18
The Missing Purse, January 19
My Love Affairs, January 21
Her Uncle's Will, January 22
Agnes' Mania, January 23
A Desperate Prisoner, January 24
One Hundred Pounds Reward!, January 25
Saved by Finger Speech, January 26
My First Play, January 28
My Dread Errand, January 29
Snowed Up, January 30
A Little Romance, January 31
My Portable Theatre, February 1
The D. T.'s: A Tale of the Australian Gold Diggings, February 2
A Terrible Inheritance, February 4
A Happy Mistake, February 5
How They Settled It, February 6
The Tale of a Forger, February 7
A Matrimonial Mystery, February 8
Mr. Toole and his Glove, February 9
The Only Clue, February 11
A Bashful Bachelor, February 12
My Double Dilemma, February 13
Found Guilty, February 14
In His Own Trap, February 15
An Unforgettable Resolve, February 16
At a Registrar's Office, February 18
My First Patient, February 19
An Amateur Barber, February 20
My First Race, February 21
A Madman Hunt, February 22
A Baggage Officer's Dilemma, February 25
My Poor Nose, February 26
The Lost Jewel, February 27
All for a Woman, February 28
In the Nick of Time, March 1
A Pension for Life, March 2
Trapping a Hotel Thief, March 4
Found Open, March 5
Mr. Holland's Position, March 6
An Improvident Thief, March 8
His Last Court, March 9
Who Shot Lucas?, March 11
The Fatal Dream, March 12
An Aunt's Legacy, March 13
A Very Amateur Clerk, March 14
A Race for Love, March 15
The General's Strategy, March 16
Love Versus a Detective, March 18
My Wife's Prayer-Book, March 19
Arrested on Purpose, March 20
Deeply in Earnest, March 21
A Graphologist's Romance, March 22
The Little Beggar's Sister, March 23
Mr. Rackham's Smartness, March 26
Our Musical Venture, March 27
The Matchmaker, March 28
Mr. Quilter's Precaution, March 29
The Conquest of the Colonel, March 30
A Night in a Workhouse, April 1
A Mere Coachman, April 2
In Deadly Peril, April 3
My Crotchetty Uncle, April 4
The Haunted House; A Tale of Maoriland, April 5
The Affectionate Mollie, April 8
A Woman's Heart, April 9
Lily's Mistake, April 10
The Story of a Journey, April 11
The Other Fellow, April 13
A Cruel Bargain, April 16
Just in Time, April 17
A Day at Lausanne, April 18
David and Jonathan, April 19
A Lovely Model, April 20
My Reward, April 22
The Mystery of the Broken Sword, April 23
The Maiden Lady's Romance, April 24
My Mysterious Lady, April 25
A Real Rogue, April 26
Ursula Holroyd, April 27
The Plain Cousin, April 29
The Missing Earrings, April 30
A Thief's Confession, May 1
Could it be True?, May 2
A Clever Rascal, May 3
One Fatal Mistake, May 4
Rings and Bracelets, May 6
Miss Carrington's Lovers, May 7
A Cruel Blow, May 8
A Sexton's Confession, May 9
A Soldier's Sweetheart, May 10
A Wood Carver's Romance, May 11
After Long Years, May 13
A Secret Engagement, May 14
A Study in Grey, May 15
Traced in Sand, May 16
A Splendid Sacrifice, May 17
A Retiring Millionaire, May 18
Both in the Wrong, May 20
A Bitter Revenge, May 21
To Catch a Sunbeam, May 22
A Male Match-Maker, May 23
Strangers Yet, May 24
The Magic of Love, May 25
In a Lancashire Village, May 27
The Peppery General, May 28
A Dead Cut, May 29
A Long Engagement, May 30
An Heiress-Hunter, May 31
A Youthful Guardian, June 1
Lawyer Pinkerton's Crime, June 4
The Mysterious Hand, June 5
A Strange Theft, June 6
The Prima Donna, June 7
Friends and Rivals, June 8
The Hospital Nurse, June 10
The Little Dressmaker, June 11
A Weird Secret, June 12
An Extraordinary Proposal, June 13
The Story of a Ruse, June 14
Sir Brian's Fancy, June 15
The Fatal Bet, June 17
Arrested by Mistake, June 18
As a Ploughman, June 19
In Poverty or in Riches, June 20
Whose was the Hand?, June 21
Briarsmere, June 22
"I Forbid the Banns!," June 24
The Chaplain's Tale, June 25
A Sensible Girl, June 26
"Ruth," June 27
Quite a Machiavelli, June 28
The Seville Secret, June 29
Mr. Jethro, July 1
The Young Musicians, July 2
A Regular Cur, July 4
Quits!, July 5
"Man Overboard!," July 6
The Heiress, July 8
A Head of Yellow Hair, July 9
Still Waiting, July 10
My Expectations, July 11
Love's Stratagem, July 12
The Independent Portia, July 13
Elderly Mrs. Simmens, July 15
A Fortunate Discovery, July 16
The Perils of Shorthand, July 17
"Residuary Legatee," July 18
"The Wrong Box," July 19
Rosa's Ruse, July 20
Captain Featerston-Haugh's Curios, July 22
Ursula's Treasure, July 23
That Will, July 24
The Other Charlie, July 25
A Rare Grandmother, July 26
Revealed in a Trance, July 27
Miss Brown's Assistant, July 29
Who Was Benson?, July 30
Five Minutes Too Soon, July 31
A Burglar Who Wouldn't, August 1
George Arkwright's Treasures, August 2
Mystery of the Bronze, August 3
A Fortunate Misunderstanding, August 6
Alive or Dead?, August 7
An Old Superstition, August 8
A Suspicious Case, August 9
Solving the Riddle, August 10
A Slight Mistake, August 12
Mr. Sichel's Secret, August 13
Edged Tools, August 14
She Would Be a Duchess, August 15
My Little Joke, August 16
In the Good Old Days, August 17
Lovers but Rivals, August 19
Was He Doomed?, August 20
In Far-Off Cornwall, August 21
Scored Off Freely, August 22
The Scarlet Pockets, August 23
The Vulgar Alexonis, August 24
Faith's Fortune, August 26
My Attractive Widow, August 27
Mr. Barraby, Detective, August 28
The Haunted Man, August 29
How Stanley Island Was Saved, August 30
Her Idea of Honour, August 31
A New Woman, September 2
John Kesterton, Enthusiast, September 3
A Mere Flirt, September 4
My Holiday Experience, September 5
All for a Wager, September 6
Peggy's Love Story, September 7
A Coward to the End, September 9
The Mysterious Cheque, September 10
For Better, For Worse, September 11
The Trained Horse, September 12
Mad or Sane?, September 13
Coquette, September 14
A Bright Face, September 16
Lady Gay, September 17
The Missing Picture, September 18
The Pledge in the Pudding, September 19
A Sailor's Lasses, September 20
The Missing Candidate, September 21
A Love and Lawsuit, September 23
His Last Stake, September 24
The Colonel's Tale, September 25
A Successful Match, September 26
The Designing Minx, September 27
A Sprig of Heather, September 28
In Complete Error, September 30
A Business Call, October 1
My Brother's Enemy, October 2
Sergeant Tretcher's Tale, October 3
Greta's Mission, October 4
Twenty Terrible Years, October 5
A White Wedding, October 7
Archibald Forbes' Interview, October 8
Jo, October 9
Rivals and Comrades, October 10
Socrates K., October 11
The Literary Gent, October 14
An Emigration Swindle, October 15
A Russian Princess, October 16
A French Courtship, October 17
The Opera Singer, October 18
A Woman's Love, October 19
The Smythe Family, October 21
The Gipsy's Prophecy, October 22
Phil's Mother, October 23
A Medical Discovery, October 24
"My Husband!," October 25
Mr. Purple-Suit, October 26
The Street Singer, October 28
A Siberian Convict, October 29
Was She Fickle?, October 30
Plump for Browne!, October 31
McVickery's Will, November 1
Saving the Express, November 2
A Novelist's Courtship, November 4
Caught in Conway Tube, November 5
An Avenging Angel, November 6
In a Direful Lane, November 7
A Cottontown Romance, November 8
In a Tempest of Fire, November 9
A Strong Clue, November 11
Love or Money, November 12
Dear Old Tom, November 13
"My Only Son!," November 14
Hoaxed, November 15
Told in a Tunnel, November 16
The New Parlour-Maid, November 18
Two Mss, November 19
Little Nan, November 20
Told by an Aeronaut, November 21
The Heiress of Ferris Court, November 22
A Sadder and Wiser Man, November 23
A Terrible Coincidence, November 25
My Shady Acquaintance, November 26
The Trucker's Dream, November 27
A Deep-Laid Scheme, November 28
A Terrible Drive, November 29
His Share of the Profits, November 30
A Police Constable's Dilemma, December 2
Kitty's Hero, December 3
A Moonlight Flit, December 4
Althea, December 5
The Carver's Prize, December 6
An Awkward Case, December 7
Only a Housemaid, December 9
The Unravelling of a Crime, December 10
My Accomplished Brother, December 11
A Slave Trade Tale, December 12
The Diamond Snake, December 13
Pursued by Wolves, December 14
Doubles, December 16
A Hard Case, December 17
Strangely Met, December 18
The Coiner's Fate, December 19
My Patent, December 20
The Boatman's Very Tall Tale, December 21
A Tale of the Blue Mountains, December 23
An Amazing Robbery, December 24
A Fortune Ready-Made, December 27
The Mysterious Bank Notes, December 28
"Sold," December 30
The Young Pretender, December 31

Their Romance, January 1
That Awful Wig, January 2
Landed!, January 3
Our Wee Cot, January 4
The Mysterious Dress, January 6
In Sleepy Dulholme, January 8
"Death-or-Glory Watson," January 9
Mr. Wiggleton's Jotham, January 10
A Guess for Dear Life, January 11
The Money-Changer, January 13
One Guinea the Evening, January 14
The Love that Won, January 16
Lomax and Son, January 18
On the Vast Mississippi, January 20
The Acrobat's Fate, January 21
The Green Glass-Eye, January 22
At the Mirror, January 23
A Fairy Tale, January 24
The Doctor's Yarn, January 25
The Curing of a Flirt, January 27
What Killed Lowater, January 28
Her Mistake, January 29
Mr. Winkler's Predicament, January 30
Shipwrecked, January 31
A Dash into Society, February 1
At Rest at Last, February 3
For High Treason, February 4
In the Express, February 5
An Amateur Detective, February 6
A Human Tiger, February 7
The Tale of a Tooth, February 8
An "Evening News" Idyl, February 10
Through a Telescope, February 11
A Romance of the Wheel, February 12
The Silent Lover, February 13
Alias Watkins, February 14
Impetuous Kathleen, February 15
My Poacher Friend, February 17
The Gentlemanlike Bailton, February 18
A Wilful Little Maid, February 19
My Heroic Conduct, February 20
The Lady Barrister, February 21
Carelessly Married, February 22
Fenton's Only Daughter, February 24
A Slighted Woman, February 25
The Chained Hand, February 26
His Own Fault, February 27
Pursued by Wolves, February 28
Her Tenth Birthday, February 29
Outwitted, March 2
A Woman's Wiles, March 3
A Forgotten Fortune, March 4
Told by a Guard, March 5
That Skipper, March 6
His Wife's Champion, March 7
A Modern Crusoe, March 9
The Hated Baron, March 10
The Two Wits, March 11
Crown v. John Almond, March 12
The Brand of Cain, March 13
His Own Betrayer, March 14
The Ruby Necklace, March 16
A Romance of the Whirling Wheel, March 17
The Master's Mistake, March 18
Her Face Her Misfortune, March 19
Beauty and the Burglar, March 20
In the Franco-Prussian War, March 21
Our Anti-Matrimonial Club, March 23
A Pill at Pugborough, March 24
Five Hundred Pounds Reward, March 25
The Planning Clerk, March 26
The Two Ethels, March 27
A Secret Sorrow, March 28
A Village School Mistress, April 1
A Curious Advertisement, April 2
The Forger, April 4
An Altered Verdict, April 7
At Bennoch's, April 8
Grown Crooked, April 9
Jonas, April 10
In the Bush, April 11
The Beautiful Domitian, April 13
A Wily Hiding-Place, April 14
Very Impressionable, April 15
On the Wire, April 16
The Miner's Wife, April 17
"The Little Snob," April 18
"The Course of True Love," April 20
An Amazing Romance, April 22
A Monte Carlo Episode, April 23
Finchley's Cane, April 24
A Dreamer of Dreams, April 25
Landseer's Alleged Cat, April 27
Sweet Miss Latimer, April 28
Under Chloroform, April 29
The Shadow Between Us, April 30
The Bloemfontein Diamond Fields, May 1
A Railway Recognition, May 2
An Exciting Adventure, May 4
A Mysterious Customer, May 5
Miss Carraway Decides, May 6
A Deviceful Lover, May 7
A Life's Remorse, May 8
"Two Sweet Red Lips," May 9
An Enoch Arden, May 11
The Missing Man, May 12
A Sorry Jest, May 13
My Burglar Tale, May 14
A Thimbleful, May 15
In West Indian Seas, May 16
In a Rubbish Heap, May 18
The Mysterious Bag, May 19
The Great "What Is It?," May 20
Through the Telephone, May 21
Calico Jack, May 22
The Trapper's Yarn, May 23
A Demon's Gift, May 27
Eighty Miles an Hour, May 28
His Dearest Hope, May 29
May Greenwell, May 30
The Man's a Fool, June 1
At the Gate, June 2
An Extraordinary Case, June 3
A Policeman's Romance, June 4
Larchey Dar'em, June 5
Hide and Seek, June 6
Still Waiting, June 8
"Captain" Polbothy, June 9
Mr. Timpany's Visitor, June 10
Hushed Up, June 11
Still Single, June 12
A Younger Son, June 13
A Coquette's Confession, June 15
Henri de Tourville, June 16
Not Quite a Man-Hater, June 17
A Few Proposals, June 18
A Man Hunt, June 19
The Lost Letter, June 20
That Blind Fence, June 22
Forty Years Since, June 23
His Enemy Nettlespring, June 24
The Old Tobacco-Box, June 25
The Prince's Jest, June 26
Something of a Ventriloquist, June 27
A Forgotten Witness, June 29
An Exoneration, June 30
Tragedy or Comedy?, July 1
His Life's Adventure, July  2
Indebted to a Dog, July 3
My Burglar Friend, July 4
A Tremendous Secret, July 6
The Other Man, July 7
The Steam-Steering Gear, July 8
A Whistling Girl, July 9
Fame or Honour, July 10
A Hired Musician, July 11
The Wrong House, July 13
A Strange Case, July 14
Of No Service, July 15
Three Narrow Escapes, July 16
At Elder Towers, July 17
An Autumn Shower, July 18
Fashionable Intelligence, July 20
"For a Client," July 21
May Tremont, July 22
Ponsonby's Greys, July 23
Knocked Out, July 24
What a Wife!, July 25
Mademoiselle Plea, July 27
Grayson's Ghost, July 28
Condemned Unheard, July 29
In the Foe's Hands, July 30
Poverty and Pride, July 31
Mr. Barker's Plan, August 1
The Garden Party, August 4
The Kaiwarra Mystery, August 5
The Blue Carbuncle, August 6
A Fool and his Money, August 7
My Uncle's Heiress, August 8
Run Her Down, August 10
Her Last "At Home," August 11
My Novelist, August 12
The Man with a Wooden Leg, August 13
A Bon Vivant, August 14
The Other Man, August 15
On Mount Vesuvius, August 17
Work or Bread, August 18
Hardcastle's Last Part, August 19
In Mid-Ocean, August 20
Love or Literature, August 21
An Irreproachable Character, August 22
A Fatal Photo, August 24
A Model Millionaire, August 25
Her Secret Remorse, August 26
A Haunted Man, August 27
An Appaling Courtship, August 28
The Hardings of Brixton, August 29
A Highland Burglary, August 31
The Mighty Mat Wallah, September 1
Madam's Bower, September 2
A Plot for Gold, September 3
The Squire's Great Discovery, September 4
The Iron Box, September 5
The Furniture Hunter, September 7
The Biter Bit, September 8
The Two Sisters, September 9
Two in a Single, September 10
By an Underground Passage, September 11
Mr. Drill, September 12
What Might Have Been , September 14
The Receiver's Tale, September 15
A Useful Matchmaker, September 16
A Strange Recovery, September 17
His Lordship's Double, September 18
Found in a Laboratory, September 19
The Winsome Nellie, September 21
Two Flirts, September 22
"I am the Queen!," September 23
How it Came About, September 24
A Burglary at Brown's, September 25
Clever Mr. Jasper, September 26
The Last Resource, September 28
Dollymore's Aunt, September 29
Honour Among Thieves, September 30
Stratton's "Plant," October 1
In Kamchatka-Street, October 2
The Ghost's Consent, October 3
The Change in Her, October 5
My Great Adventure, October 6
Hold There!, October 7
The Ducal Diamonds, October 8
The Woman-Hater, October 9
The Train-Wreckers, October 10
The New Soprano, October 12
Nipper Nogo, October 13
Planter Jim, October 14
Messrs. Johnson, Levi, & Co., October 15
The Lost Earrings, October 16
A Doctor's Tale, October 19
The Daleshire Plate, October 20
Joe's Sacrifice, October 22
A Coquette's Confession, October 23
Hard Up, October 24
The Pretty Schoolmistress, October 26
A Tricky Customer, October 27
A Practical Joker, October 28
How Armstrong's Was Saved, October 29
The Czarina, October 30
That Ass Frank, October 31
A Whaler's Yarn, November 2
Terribly Persecuted, November 3
A Husband-Hunter, November 4
A Romantic Affair, November 5
A Flirt's Confession, November 6
The Lost Twins, November 7
Was Horndean Haunted?, November 9
Taking M'Donald, November 10
The Treasure Ship, November 11
Last of the Pirates, November 12
Of No Consequence, November 13
Giving Him a Lesson, November 14
Was Markley Mad?, November 16
A New Thing, November 17
A Hasheesh-Eater, November 18
Mascagni's Romance, November 19
A Modern Miss Baxter, November 20
What Was In It?, November 21
Jamie Johnston, November 23
"By Memorial," November 24
A Stroke of Genius, November 25
A Great Joke, November 26
"A Good Boy," November 27
A Cruel Promise, November 28
How Lanty Won, November 30
A Colonial Bank, December 1
The Kite Travellers, December 2
The Mysterious Lodger, December 3
Stranger than Fiction, December 4
A Dangerous Flirtation, December 5
How We Startred, December 7
Author Dibbs, December 8
The Foundling, December 9
A Terrible Pursuer, December 11
The Obdurate Father, December 12
A Jewel's Romance, December 14
Sullivan's Plan, December 15
Love My Dog, December 16
A Pistol's Click, December 17
Stolen (?) Kisses, December 18
The Agony Column, December 19
A Bid for Fame, December 21
My First Engagement, December 22
Mrs. Roach's Diamonds, December 23
Uncut Stones, December 24
Mr. Myvart's Tale, December 28
Not at Home, December 29
That Advertisement, December 30
A Fly Fellow, December 31

Genius Will Out, January 1
The Spiritualist, January 2
At Duty's Post, January 4
Something Like Credit, January 5
To Let, January 6
Her Handwriting, January 7
A Remorseless Woman, January 8
A Hard Woman, January 9
Antonio, The Tenor, January 11
A Poor Blind Man, January 12
"Ze Duel," January 13
Too Much Genius, January 14
The Woman Suffers, January 15
Tramp Trethewy, January 16
On Nothing a Year, January 18
Strangely Arrested, January 19
Checkmate, January 20
A Rake's Progress, January 21
Jewel Mad, January 22
My Cabin Boy, January 23
My Beauty Show, January 25
Holding the Wire, January 26
Jilted!, January 27
A Bank Clerk, January 28
Mr. Wisdon's Plan, January 29
In Little Peddlington, January 30
The Massive Safe, February 1
My Three Hundred, February 2
A Man-Trap Cab, February 3
Miss Freeland's Difficulties, February 4
Such a Rival!, February 5
Amazingly Generous, February 6
A Great Trial, February 8
In Grim Earnest, February 9
A Clever "Hoister," February 10
Sydney Le Marchant, February 11
A Strange Tragedy, February 12
The Demaine Dye, February 13
Too Much for Him, February 15
A Bargain, February 16
Amelia Crane, February 17
"Her Protege," February 18
A Criminal's Confession, February 19
A Curate's Tale, February 20
A Criterion of Cleverness, February 22
Her Error, February 23
The Settler, February 24
A Novel Cure, February 25
A Speculating Scoundrel, February 26
A Beautiful Peace, February 27
The Rival Riders, March 1
Would be a Poet, March 2
An Unlucky Venture, March 3
In Alpine Snows, March 4
A Hard Rider, March 5
Hilda, March 6
A Mighty Mean Trick, March 8
Too Much for Him, March 9
Success at Last, March 10
The Listener, March 11
Misunderstood, March 12
A Splendid Fellow, March 13
A Stored-Up Revenge, March 15
The Mysterious Stranger, March 16
A Misunderstanding, March 17
An Exciting Night, March 18
A Cute Little Fellow, March 19
A Weird Device, March 20
Never Again, March 22
A Very Short Reign, March 23
Burglar and Bully, March 24
Poor Shiny Tap, March 25
An Ailing Family, March 26
Susan's Visitors, March 27
Waldorf's Double, March 29
Imagine Their Horror!, March 30
His Old Chum, March 31
A Sinister Design, April 1
The Legacy, April 2
The Doomed Scout, April 3
Charlotte Corday, April 5
An Extraordinary Race, April 6
Such Memories!, April 7
A Quaint Love Charm, April 8
A Ghost Business, April 9
Clissy, April 10
A Terrible Brat, April 12
The Cocasse Case, April 13
His Reward!, April 14
The Woman's Devotion, April 15
Winnie, April 17
Making Up His "Mind," April 20
Mollie, April 21
Mary Moore, April 22
In Coaching Days, April 23
The Pedlar's Tale, April 24
A Nolle Prosequi, April 26
My Ideal, April 27
The Cautious Suitor, April 28
A Sailor's Yarn, April 29
A Difficult Job, April 30
A Real Treat, May 1
Mr. Smythe's Fury, May 3
A Coachman Indeed!, May 4
Convict or Actor?, May 5
Lovers' Quarrels, May 6
Surprisingly Generous, May 7
Too Quick for Him, May 8
An Insane Leap, May 10
Holy Matrimony, May 11
That Poodle, May 12
My Ghost, May 13
A Strict Vegetarian, May 14
Four Happy People, May 15
Regularly Engaged, May 17
The Duellists, May 18
The Fatal Six, May 19
Queer Bedfellows, May 20
A Dauntless Woman, May 21
A Real Romance, May 22
A Brave Engineer, May 24
Artemus's Joke, May 25
In Stage Coach Days, May 26
A Daring Bet, May 27
Short Shrift, May 28
The Spectral Steersman, May 29
The Royal Charter, May 31
The Yellow Dwarfs, June 1
Napoleon's Secretary, June 2
A Plucky Lad, June 3
The Royal Dupe, June 4
The First V.C., June 5
The Mysterious Hindoo, June 8
A Fairy Tale, June 9
In Mrs. Bennett's Set, June 10
Playing it Low, June 11
The Sperm Whaler, June 12
The Black Croesus, June 14
The Hat Trick, June 15
The Family Honour, June 16
A Struggle for Life, June 17
A Put-up Thing, June 18
Bernadotte, June 19
That Man!, June 21
The Queen's Godsons, June 23
A Begging-Letter Writer, June 24
My Unseen Acquaintance, June 25
A Rough Cure, June 26
The Artistic Nancy, June 28
Cox Well's Great Journey, June 29
In Terrible Suspense, June 30
Among the Redskins, July 1
At Scootey's Picnic, July 2
An Eastbourne Romance, July 3
A Bunch of Violets, July 5
A Hero of the Mutiny, July 6
Nora's Dream, July 7
A Brave Deed, July 8
In the Diving Bell, July 9
"For Spiritualists Only," July 10
At Dead of Night, July 12
Was He Faithless?, July 13
The Gentleman Burglar, July 14
Damning Evidence, July 15
Marguerite's Slumber, July 16
A Wild Lassie, July 17
The Station-Mistress, July 19
Sir Henry's Choice, July 20
Tricks at the Target, July 21
Dangerous Woman, July 22
On Night Duty, July 23
At Smiffins's, July 24
The Stolen Child, July 26
Diamond Cut Diamond, July 27
His Old Gamp, July 28
The Browns' Honeymoon, July 29
Was it Chance?, July 30
A Simple Brute, July 31
In the Marshes, August 3
Damaris Vane, August 4
A Changed Man, August 5
Agatha's MS, August 6
The Manager's Double, August 7
The Quick-Change Man, August 9
In Ten Years, August 10
Roma's Triumph, August 11
A Great Joke, August 12
In Fairy Land, August 13
Cramnell's Cunning, August 14
Smart Mr. Tuthake, August 16
Its Secret Hiding Place, August 17
The Best Woman on Earth, August 18
On the Rack, August 19
Tropical Frost, August 20
Pygmalion and Galatea, August 21
A Country House Party, August 23
A Modern Cinderella, August 24
A Long Six Months, August 25
At Rorke's Drift, August 26
So Like a Woman, August 27
Lost Chances, August 28
A Spoil of War, August 30
A Lancashire Mine, August 31
The Train Wreckers, September 1
Who is the Villain?, September 2
The Arctic Aeronauts, September 3
A Woman Pirate, September 4
The Postman's Tale, September 6
A Debt to Pay, September 7
The Chief Officer, September 8
Rosemary, September 9
Kemble's Wrath, September 10
A Brave Scot, September 11
Troop-Sergeant-Major, September 13
My Closed Account, September 14
Badly in Love, September 15
My Escaped Convict, September 16
The Rajah's Diamonds, September 18
Flotsam and Jetsam, September 20
By a Bare Wheel, September 21
An American Duel, September 22
A Moth in a Million, September 23
Safe in a Safe, September 24
The Misunderstanding, September 25
In the Trenches, September 27
The Brackenbridge Family, September 28
A Cruel Design, September 29
The Two Charlies, September 30
The Minister's Dismay, October 1
The Ingenious Foote, October 2
The Lost Picture, October 4
A Strange Hunt, October 5
Two Precious Scamps, October 6
In Muddle-Street, October 7
A Fair Test, October 8
Appearances Against Him, October 9
The Elder, October 11
A Pardonable Deceit, October 12
A Nice Little Job, October 13
Not to be Bullied, October 14
Won Through Heroism, October 15
Bob Stryke, Jockey, October 16
Her Ideal, October 18
Two Fortunes and a Wife, October 19
A Plain Proposal, October 20
The Tell-Tale Bird, October 21
Of a Bank Note, October 22
A Desperate Gang, October 23
An Afghan War Hero, October 25
Of Argyle's Rebellion, October 26
The Silent Band, October 27
A Manipur Memory, October 28
A Spanish Legend, October 29
The Rescue, October 30
A Great Actor, November 1
On the Cornish Coast, November 2
The Reward, November 3
A Crimean Hero, November 4
Fulford's Lesson, November 5
Miss Cardew, November 6
An Emperor's Favourite, November 8
Haunted, November 9
Albert Durer, November 10
Of a Gaol Bird, November 11
Mr. Bochart's Nephew, November 12
At Cross Purposes, November 13
The New Verger, November 15
A Spray of Violets, November 16
An Uncommited Crime, November 17
Quite a Mystery, November 18
The Estrangement, November 19
"Can You Forgive Me?," November 20
Slaves for Nothing, November 22
An Old Wretch, November 23
An Audacious Rogue, November 24
A Private Adventurer, November 25
The Parthia's Voyage, November 26
A Very Bad Lot, November 27
Ridley's Arrest, November 29
A Wexford Tale, November 30
Deaf as a Post, December 1
The Man in Grey, December 2
An Emperor's Adventure, December 3
The Enchanted Ship, December 4
Gallant Hornby, December 6
An Arctic Hero, December 7
Speke's Great Adventure, December 8
An Invincible Man, December 9
My Peppery Uncle, December 10
A Generous Deed, December 11
A Noble Deed, December 13

A Thousand Pounds Reward, January 5
The Golden Trinket, January 6
Convict 84, January 7
The Mortgagee, January 8
Long Dan, The Smuggler, January 10
Who Was the Thief?, January 11
The Pretty Barmaid, January 12
A Strange Operation, January 13
The Stolen Child, January 14
The White Lady, January 15
In the Show Business, January 17
A Run on the Bank, January 21
The Slabberton's Guest, January 22
The Counterfeit Coins, January 24
The Lap-Dog's Death, January 25
The Juryman, January 26
Worth Working For, January 27
The Squire's Race, January 28
My Marriageable Daughters, January 29
A Fierce Struggle, January 31
A Missing Heiress, February 1
Allardyce, February 4
A Night Patrol, February 5
The Traveller's Tale, February 7
A Foreboding, February 8
"The Mincing Lane," February 9
Henley's Confession, February 10
A Sir Galahad, February 14
A Very Serious Business, February 15
The Great Thurlow, February 16
The Child's Friend, February 17
A Cruel Woman, February 21
The Pacemaker, February 22
Clavering's Escape, February 23
The Miner's Tale, February 26
The Cabman's Terror, March 7
That Camera Obscura, March 8
The Sancy Diamond, March 9
A Capital Sell, March 10
Dishonour Among Thieves, March 14
"Barbara Allen," March 15
Cunning Carmelo, March 25
A Victim of Justice, March 26
The Mystery, March 28
Robertson, The Cracksman, April 2
Sergeant Shone, April 4
The Pirate, April 7
Fatalist to the End, April 9
The Machine Breakers, April 11
My Sister-in-Law, April 12
Gonsalvo's Gift, April 13
The Deception, April 14
In the Olden Time, April 15
Mr. Devereux Davies, April 16
Odour of Chloroform, April 18
Tracked Down, April 19
A Noble Driver, April 20
The Swedish King, April 21
Innocent Mrs. Boult, April 22
Confederates, April 23
In Baltimore, April 24
Lady Mary, April 25
A Man of His Word, April 26
A Reconsidered Verdict, April 27
From the Greek, April 28
The Sailor King, April 29
Such a Waltzer!, April 30
A Spanish Sorceress, May 1
A Bit of Court Plaster, May 2
A Splendid Panther, May 3
An Unpleasant Experience, May 4
A Best Man Indeed, May 5
Enid, May 6
A Jekyl and Hyde, May 7
Strangely Met, May 9
Iris's Lover, May 10
The Alchemist, May 11
A Romance with a Meaning, May 12
A French Robbery, May 13
After Lightning Jack, May 14
Jenny Lind, May 16
Helen the Second, May 17
Princess Caraboo, May 18
The Undelivered Letter, May 19
In the Days of Bruce, May 20
The Dryad's Fate, May 21
Her Unknown Hero, May 23
Mrs. Wayne's Nephew, May 26
A Clever Alibi, May 27
"Cicely! - Dearest," May 28
A Young Scamp, May 30
Poor Harding, May 31
The Czar's Adventure, June 1
A Game Old Bird, June 2
Only a Cab Accident, June 3
The Clever Clerk, June 4
The De'il's Web, June 6
In Martin's Rents, June 7
A Grand Idea, June 9
Not Till Long After, June 10
"Daddy!," June 11
The "Tandem" Competition, June 13
He Backed Jeddah, June 14
The Doctor's Engagement, June 16
The Lovely Princess, June 17
After Ten Years, June 18
Smith's Vow, June 20
A Sprite Woman, June 21
The Black Panther, June 22
A Queer Weighing, June 23
Drubbing a Duke, June 24
A Lucky Chance, June 25
An Ascot Party, June 27
A Great Temptation, June 28
Smith's Love Affair, June 29
A Strange Case, June 30
"For Valour," July 1
A Mysterious Mark, July 2
In the Peninsula, July 4
Wanted - a Career, July 5
What it Meant, July 6
Greatly Tempted, July 8
At Madame Bonte's, July 9
A Strange Weapon, July 11
A Fairy Tale, July 12
Narrowly Escaped, July 13
Of a Purse, July 14
A Mystery, July 15
Enoch Arden-Like, July 16
Marion's Consent, July 19
Told in Scotch, July 20
The Colonel's Tale, July 21
A Good Voyage, July 22
At Last, July 23
A Card-Sharper, July 25
Uncle's Will, July 26
Demon of the Sea, July 27
A Regular Leech, July 28
In the Express, July 29
A Great Actress, July 30
The Happiest Pair, August 1
That Odious Guardian, August 2
Cinderella, August 3
Strange but True, August 4
Of a Crime, August 5
The Strange Package, August 6
For Many Years, August 8
A Baffled Schemer, August 9
A Victoria Cross Hero, August 10
Miss Trefusis, August 11
Waiting for the Mail, August 12
The Blue Anchor, August 13
A Deep Plotter, August 15
The Bushranger, August 16
A Harsh Cousin, August 17
Our Elopement, August 18
Corner Man, August 19
Of a Typewriter, August 20
Her Revenge, August 22
A Lover's Quarrel, August 23
Mattie, August 24
The Vicar, August 25
The Ardent Lovers, August 26
How it Occured, August 27
Her Burglar, August 29
A Nasty Experience, August 30
A Little Tiff, August 31
Just in Time, September 1
From the Italian, September 2
Only an Epaulette, September 3
His Release, September 5
At Cambridge, September 6
The Lorelei, September 7
Presence of Mind, September 8
The Dream, September 9
A Great Diamond, September 10
Decidedly Fast, September 12
A Fearful Journey, September 13
A Supernatural Weapon, September 14
A Book of Books, September 15
Two Babies, September 16
On the Stage - and Off, September 17
Delia, September 19
"Francesca," September 20
A Wonderful Yarn, September 21
Elsie's Engagement, September 22
A Quiet Sunday, September 23
The Deserter, September 24
In Her Toils, September 26
A Regular Katerfelto, September 27
Nan, September 28
Mr. Muff's Fury, September 29
The Colonel's Testimonial, September 30
The Mysterious Lucy, October 1
"That Idiot Chivers," October 3
A Reformation, October 4
In the Jubilee Year, October 5
A Vile Wine, October 6
Those Belgian Churches, October 7
"A Poor Player," October 8
Jaucour's Story, October 10
Poor Little Pleader, October 11
For Dear Life, October 12
Launch the Lifeboat!, October 13
Sweet Girl Graduate, October 14
His Last Shot, October 15
One Week's Soldiering, October 17
Cicely, October 18
Among the Amateurs, October 19
A Knight of the Road, October 21
"Secret de Polichinelle," October 22
Miss Ruby, October 24
In His Own Trap, October 25
On Duty, October 26
King Gustavus Adolphus, October 28
A Real Lesson, October 29
My First Book, October 31
A Tram-Car Idyll, November 1
An Eastern Legend, November 2
Beaten for Once, November 3
A Rare Customer, November 4
Guido Fawkes's Ghost, November 5
A Handsome Present, November 7
A Rare Dinner, November 8
So She Married Him, November 9
Full Inside!, November 10
Strangely Met Again, November 11
A Cabinet Dinner, November 12
The Fortunate Mason, November 14
Poor Ruth, November 15
The Burglar Poet, November 16
A Love Tragedy, November 17
Sister Ethel, November 18
A Reg'lar Knock-Out, November 19
Helen's Devotion, November 21
The Escape, November 22
Not Divided, November 23
Cupid Prevailed, November 24
For Alice, November 25
A "Museum" Romance - or Tragedy, November 26
A Dive for Life, November 28
A Strange Puzzle, November 29
Her Best Boarder, November 30
A New Thing, December 1
Faithful John, December 2
At His Own Game, December 3
Found in the Coffin, December 5
The Worldling, December 6
Had He Forgotten?, December 7
A Journalistic Romance, December 8
A Mystery, December 9
In Collaboration, December 10
Dreadfully Boring, December 12
Old Maitland's Heir, December 13
A Dreamer, December 14
His Error, December 15
My Sad Troubles, December 16
Recalled, December 17
Self-Sacrifice, December 19
Gregory's Wife, December 20
A Change of Front, December 21
Barely in Time, December 22
After Long Years, December 23
That Antique Dresser, December 24
The Heroine's Name, December 27
Henry Elliott, December 28
Poor Marcia, December 29
A Plain Girl, December 30
A Noble Sacrifice, December 31

A Debt Repaid, April 7
A Piano Tuner, April 8
Cheveley's Courtship, April 10
Rowena, April 11
The Osseousicus, April 12
The Diamonds, April 13
The Lost Notes, April 14
An Impudent Wife, April 15
A Flight From Justice, April 17
The Ghosts of Devil's Island, April 18
A Parisian Tale, April 19
A Male Matchmaker, April 20
A Sorry Joke, April 21
Racing an Express, April 22
"In Love and War," April 24
Plain Yes or No, April 25
A Mysterious Letter, April 26
Begun in a Joke, April 27
Philip Sydney, April 28
Five Years After, April 29
Where was Ella?, May 1
A Parrot that Would, May 2
A Fortune Hunter?, May 3
Scott's Love Tale, May 4
A Dilemma, May 5
Of Edmund Kean, May 6
Dod's Choice, May 8
The Brown Opals, May 9
A Love that Saved, May 10
In a Provincial Town, May 11
Recommended for Promotion, May 12
The Rescued Maiden, May 13
The Wreckers, May 15
Circumstantial Evidence, May 16
A Woman's Strategy, May 17
Victimised, May 18
Tessy, May 19
Aunt Becky, May 20
An Unpunished Crime, May 22
A Sealskin Cloak, May 23
My Silver Wedding, May 24
The Pretty Widow, May 25
The Polish Countess, May 26
My German Friend, May 27
"The Black Sand," May 29
After Culloden, May 30
The Black Ribbon, May 31
"Zelita," June 1
"Dulce Domum," June 2
An Australian Derby, June 3
Biter Bit, June 5
The Season's Joke, June 6
Grace Darling, June 30
A Killarney Legend, July 1
A Hunchback Lover, July 3
Brown's Misadventure, July 4
Lobb's Luck, July 5
Deceiving the King, July 6
The Corpse that Laughed, July 7
A Story of Lynn, July 8
A Strange Fellow Passenger, July 10
Damaris, July 11
The Mulatto Artist, July 12
The Phantom Picture, July 13
The Vicar, July 14
In the Indian Mutiny, July 15
Mr. Herriot's Pound, July 17
John Brown, July 18
Breaking the Bank, July 19
An Indian Duel, July 20
An Amateur Mesmerist, July 21
Disowned, September 11
Among the Panthers, September 12
Of the Highway, September 13
The Wrong Place, September 14
A Refractory Lion, September 15
The Emperor's Choice, September 16
Roy Westlake, September 18
In a Scotch Glen, September 19
Lost and Found, September 21
Fielding's Publisher, September 22
Talma, September 23
Sold, September 26
Sharp-Witted Jock, September 27
Rosa's Letter, September 28
The Tell-Tale Bird, September 29
A Servile Copier, September 30
Playing for Life, October 2
A Mysterious Complaint, October 3
How He Won Her, October 4
Quite Cronies, October 6
Real Enterprise, October 7
The Prince's Adventure, October 9
The Veteran Soldier, October 10
The Spanish Widow, October 11
"De Ballybrag," November 16
Met His Match, November 17
The Burglar Alarm, November 20
Posy, November 21
Attractive Widow, November 22
Romance of a Q.C., November 23
In the Canaries, November 24
"The Major's Stratagem," November 25
A Royal Flush, November 27
Midnight Visitor, November 28
How it Began, November 29
Nelson as Patron, November 30
A Terrible Secret, December 1
Tommy's Letter Home, December 2

The Poacher, January 20
An Agreeable Mistake, January 27
A Terrible Patient, January 29
The Prince's Escape, February 5
Of Talavera, February 10
An Infamous Diamond, February 26
The Rocking Stone, April 28
Amy's Vengeance, May 26
Emperor, But Father, June 5
A Stone That Wouldn't Roll, September 19
The Stepmother, October 3
The Fugitives, October 16
His Last Game, October 17

The Burnt Postcard, April 4
Winning the Day, April 6
Downy Dick's Dilemma, April 9 (marked as "Told by Himself")
His Lordship the Detective, April 10
"Don and I," April 23
Their Greatest Triumph, May 2
Why Hansel's Farm Was Spared, May 11
The Professor's Forgetfulness, May 14
Through the Shadows, May 17
The Queen's Recall, May 18
The Story of a Mesalliance, May 20
By Letters Patent, May 21
The Shadow of Sam Hurst, May 23
"And One of Them Was a Traitor," May 24
The Harveston Murder, May 25
An Incident of War, May 27
The Opal Ring, September 7
A Dartmoor Tragedy, September 9

Cut Out; or, All is Fair in Love and War (part one), April 7
Cut Out; or, All is Fair in Love and War (part two), April 8
Cut Out; or, All is Fair in Love and War (part three), April 9

Pamela's Kiss, January 11

The Sins of the Fathers, October 5
The Twins, October 6
A Woman's Forgiveness, October 7
"The Wrong Box," October 9
"A Drama of Real Life," October 10
"A Silent Judgement," October 11
"The Price of My M.D.," October 12
The Conversion of Captain Ryan, October 13
"Residuary Legatee," October 14
The Fatal Purse, October 16
"The Ballad of Barbara Bell," October 17
The Treasure of the Wreck, October 18
Cucumber and Son, October 19
What Dorothy Thought, October 20
That Idiot Chivers!, October 21
"Rosa's Ruse," October 23
How Montana Jim Expiated, October 24
The Death Raffle, October 25
The Punishment of John Eden, October 26
An Irish Millionaire, October 27
The Vicar's Socialism, October 28
The Death of Love, October 30
No. 2 Post, October 31
The Singular Case of Mrs. Murray, November 1
Miss Elliott's Love Story, November 2
A Romance in a Dining-Car, November 3
Corinne Dallas, November 4
The Tale of a Tunnel, November 6
Unforgotten, November 7
The Little Blue Ring, November 8
A "Record" Capture, November 10
Waylaid!, November 15
The Little Florist, November 17
The "Trent" Cipher, November 18
Her Ladyship's Best-Man, November 23
Hurlbert's Half-Sovereign, November 24
Hooks and Eyes, November 25
Untitled, November 27 (no title given for this story)
A Good Old English Custom, November 29
A Romance of China, November 30
Where the Brook and River Meet, December 2
The Story of a Gold Button, December 4 (marked as "Told by It-Self")
Two Wills, and Two Spills, a Love Tale, December 7
Quoits and Love, December 8
After Many Days, December 9
The Secret of the Black Knight, December 11
Brought to the Scratch, December 13
Her Lover, The Guardsman, December 14
A Double Elopement, December 15
Mrs. Hughes' Cook, December 16
A Romance of St. Valentine's Day, December 18
Miss Molly, December 19
After the Regimental Ball, December 20
Wooed by Pr*xy, December 21
A Spinster's Love Story, December 22
Three Women and One Man, December 27
The Burglars at Miss Camp's, December 29
Sanderson's Special, December 30

A New Year's Tale, January 1
Preston's Wife, January 2
Mr. Wilson's Great Scheme, January 3
A Buried Letter, January 4
A Sacrifice to Honour, January 6
An Angel Face, January 9
A Romance with a Meaning, January 10
A Leap Year Letter, January 11
A Duchess in Spite of Herself, January 12
Adrift!, January 13
A Spray of Parma Violets, January 17
An Interrupted Courtship, January 18
Master Freddy Helps, January 19
Cross Purposes, January 20
His Spirit Love, January 24
An Incorrigible Flirt, January 25
No Alternative, January 26
Cat's Cradle, January 27
Cruel Jealousy, January 30
The Lord of Burleigh, February 1
My Rival, February 3
The Littlebury Romance, February 7
A Guilty Conscience, February 13
A Couple of Valentines, February 14
The Wishing Well, February 15
Priscilla, February 20
Through the Valley of Humiliation, February 21
A Hunting Flirt, February 22
My Selfish Son-in-Law, February 27
A Jealous Love, February 28
Eve's Mistake, March 1
A Hated Name, March 8
A Woman's Stratagem, March 15
A Butterfly, March 21
A Woman's Love, March 22
A Sad Flirt, April 26
A Rash Experiment, May 10
A Practical Joke, May 23
Courtship by Wire, May 28
Delilah, May 29
An Aristocratic Outcast, May 30
A Malta Romance, May 31
Fate the Artist, June 1
A Misunderstanding, June 2
In Bertie's Boot, June 4
Which Wins?, June 16
The Poet and the Girl, June 23
The Mad Miser, June 25
The Hon. Percy Everett, June 27
Quits, June 30
Love's Rescue, July 14
Satisfied, August 16
Miss Vivian's Legacy, August 25
The Cat and the Fiddle, September 11
The Family Treasure, September 18
Jack's Girl, September 22
By Mistake, October 24
Dinna Forgit, October 26
The Author's Awakening, November 17
A Seaside Romance, November 23
Those Christmas Theatricals, November 24
The Twin Roses, December 4
The Ugly Duckling, December 7
Two Girls and a Stratagem, December 8
Who Steals My Purse, December 18
Love on a Snowplough: A Christmas Adventure, December 27

Patty's New Year, January 1
An Unrehearsed Effect, January 8
Why I Remain a Bachelor - A Tale of a Code, January 15
A Woman's Reason, January 24
A Millionaire's Message, March 2
Flower Seller of St. Pauls, March 20 (printed under the heading of "Two-Minute Stories")
The Universal Newspaper Man, March 20 (printed under the heading of "Two-Minute Stories")
A Peripatetic Parson, March 20 (printed under the heading of "Two-Minute Stories")
The Distinguished Paper Man, March 20 (printed under the heading of "Two-Minute Stories")

The One-Armed Recruit, December 6 (marked as by "Unstarred")

The Conductorette, July 4

The Secret, March 17



Copyright 2006 Richard Simms