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Follow the links below to view alphabetically organised listings of the various authors who contributed stories to the Evening News, with checklists of the stories themselves and the dates on which they appeared. Where an author had more than one story published in the newspaper, the stories have been arranged in chronological order.

A. N. Abbey - Alan Axford
B. B. - Brenda Byron
E. T. C. - Mary Stewart Cutting
M. D. - Max Dunstone
Jean Earle - Geoffrey Eyre
D. F. - Francis Fytton
H. G. - Jo Gye
R. H. - Gabriel Hythe
Vincent Blasco Ibanez - George Island
D. L. J. - Sara Judge
Abdulla Kahhar - A. Kuprin
C. L. - Gerry Lyons
A. M. - Elizabeth Myers
Edna Nadler - John Notley
Robert Oakley - Joan Llewelyn Owens
H. P. - Blundell Pye
Richard Quarrie - Violet Quirk
E. R. - H. M. Rzeszutko
A. T. S. - Muri Symons
Paul Tabori - Maureen Tweedy
George Udall - James Urquhart
H. V. - Michael Vyse
L. W. - Ben Wyvis
Nancy Yates-Smith - P. B. Yuill



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